About me

Calmly and soulfully

Carolina was born on the island of São Miguel Azores, she is passionate about travelling, the sea, nature and life. And that's the only way she feels full. In search of self-knowledge she bumped into yoga along the way and found what she was looking for at the time. PEACE.

She followed her heart and then decided to do Yoga training without any experience in the spiritual world, but actually she feels that Yoga was always present in her life. She believes that not everything happens by chance, that the Universe gives us what we need, and that we have a purpose in life.

Her job is to awaken people to bring the power of Yoga into the flow of life, to deal with life in the best way, reaching the nourishment of the body, mind and soul through Yoga.

Her mission as a teacher is to help you find Your space, using Yoga practice as a tool to reconnect with your deeper Self.

  • 2005-2007 - Technological Course of Social Action at Domingos Rebelo School
  • 2008-2009 - Professional training in Massage at the Portuguese Institute of Naturology
  • 2010- 2012 - Yoga Instructor Training at the Old Yoga School in Porto, Portugal
  • 2010 - Yoga do Riso Leader with Joanne Gribler, founder Yoga do Riso in Portugal
  • 2014 - Babyoga Om Instructor by the International Yoga and Baby Yoga Om Association
  • 2019 - Training in SUP Yoga by ASSUP - Stand Up Paddleboarding Association of Portugal
  • 2021 - Shakti Yoga Dance Course at Padma Yoga Training Center

She also collaborated as a Yoga instructor in research studies in the health area, promoted by the Health Unit of Ilha de São Miguel (users of the Ponta Delgada Health Center) and by the Divino Espírito Santo Hospital (oncology patients). Currently, she also teaches regular Yoga classes to people with disabilities in various Associations.


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