Pauses to inspire

Medicinal plants to treat anxiety
29 August 2023
Anxiety is characterized by feelings of tension, worry, insecurity, fear, tiredness, muscle pain, lack of sleep, and hair loss, among other physical and mental worries. What causes it? From everyday (...)
Early morning yoga - an energizing sequence
10 July 2023
Every day we have the opportunity to start over, and that is wonderful. We need to be connected to ourselves. Not lose focus and to keep in mind where we want to go.The way you start your day will (...)
4 Places on São Miguel Island to meditate
29 June 2023
It is impossible to visit São Miguel without experiencing some inhospitable places that leave us breathless.Being in nature has several mental health and well-being benefits. It helps keep the (...)
7 Yoga Exercises to do in bed when you wake up
23 May 2023
Want to create a healthy morning routine, but the idea of waking up early to do yoga doesn't motivate you? Thus, the easiest way to introduce a daily yoga practice into your life is to do it (...)
5 Yoga Postures for a Healthy Back
8 March 2023
The spine forms the central axis of the human body. It is composed of 33 vertebrae, whose primary function is to support the weight of the body and protect the spinal cord and spinal nerves.Nowadays, (...)
Aligning your chakras with Yoga
10 February 2023
The majority of people who practice yoga have heard of chakras. According to Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, chakras are life-force energy centers. There are hundreds of them in the (...)
8 Tips for a fulfilled life
6 January 2023
Here are some crucial pointers for living a more fulfilled life.Surround yourself with positive peopleThere are people who do not make you feel good, either with their attitudes or their words. (...)
What to eat before and after Yoga class
1 December 2022
Yoga seeks physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual development through its practice and foundations. This practice, while done in a group, should be done individually. Each person should (...)
Yoga’s importance in adolescence
1 November 2022
Adolescence is indeed an extremely important stage in a child’s development and requires special attention and focus. During this period, multiple physical, psychological, cognitive, and social (...)
7 steps to start practicing Yoga at home
5 October 2022
Due to the easy access to information on websites, books, and videos, there is currently a strong tendency for us to be more and more self-taught when it comes to the practice of physical exercises (...)
The benefits of Yoga while Surfing
8 September 2022
Yoga and surfing are incompatible activities because one requires stability while the other requires movement. Is this, however, the case? Are both reduced to adjectives that we attribute based on (...)
Yoga Myths
12 August 2022
Yoga, an ancient practice dating back five millennia, has gained popularity in our daily lives. However, the more popular Yoga becomes, the more misunderstandings seem to arise around it. There is a (...)
Mantra Healing
5 July 2022
If you practice Yoga on a regular basis, you have most likely heard several mantras in class, which are usually recited mentally or aloud.Mantra literally means "instrument of thought" and (...)
Tips to sanitize your Yoga Mat
5 June 2022
How have you been sanitizing and keeping your Yoga Mat?Having a cleaning and care routine of your Yoga matt is important. It is not only for hygiene reasons, but also for maintenance. You will be, as (...)
Yoga & Food
10 May 2022
Yoga seeks physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual development through its practice and principles. You don’t have to be a vegetarian or vegan to practice yoga; nevertheless, the food we (...)
Why is SUP Yoga so exciting?
26 April 2022
SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddle + Yoga) is a combination of simple ásanas adjusted to thestudent's abilities, practiced on a stable paddle board. With regular classes, the postures become more (...)
Fibromyalgia: benefits of regular yoga practice
27 March 2022
Sleep disturbances, fatigue, non-refreshing sleep, body stiffness, psychological distress, stiffness and tenderness in joints, muscles, and tendons, anxiety and/or depression, and persistent pain and (...)
Guia prático para começar a meditar
16 February 2022
O que é meditação?É necessário parar e saber ouvir os apelos do nosso corpo, no meio da azáfama do nosso quotidiano. Entre atividades profissionais, afazeres (...)
Yoga na vida de uma pessoa com deficiência
3 January 2022
A prática de Yoga é um ato de inclusão socialA filosofia e os princípios do Yoga podem ser aplicados a todas as pessoas, de todas as faixas etárias, classes (...)
Natural Facial Masks
1 November 2021
Aging doesn’t have to be a painful process, but it is crucial to be aware and proactive in order to prevent feelings of helplessness, considering nature's power. The facial skin is one of (...)
Ilha de São Miguel - Lugares com alma
6 October 2021
A ilha é o umbigo do mar. Esta ínsula banhada pelas ondas faz com que as pessoas mergulhem mais dentro de si, vivam mais a sua realidade interior, embora sonhem com pontes de liberdade. (...)
Sexualidade: como o yoga pode ajudar
12 September 2021
Trabalho, atividades domésticas, filhos, compras, condução e cansaço. Qualquer um de nós revê-se neste quotidiano. Consequências: anda sem grande (...)
8 Yoga benefits for body and mind
14 May 2021
Yoga is a self-knowledge philosophy that aims to help the human being identify with its true self and to connect it with the universe through the practice of techniques and millenary procedures.Its (...)
Letting go: an inner journey
13 May 2021
There are moments in life when we feel stuck … to people, moments, ideas, thoughts, work …But what is in fact holding us back? What keeps us stuck? Why do we keep stuck? What does (...)