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Massage is the practice of applying force or vibration to the body's soft tissues, including muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and joints to stimulate circulation, mobility, and elasticity.

Massage is an excellent alternative for the treatment of muscle pain usually caused by stress, posture problems, thus promoting well-being and relieving discomfort in the most affected regions.

Deep Massage
It is an ideal massage for the treatment of chronic muscle problems or accumulated muscle tension. It is very effective in tense and contracted areas such as the lower back, shoulders and neck. It is recommended for people who suffer from contractures, who practice physical activities.

Relaxation massage
Relaxing massage is an excellent alternative for the treatment of muscle pain. The same aims to relieve and prevent stress, fatigue, improve circulation and relax muscles, promotes well-being, relieving discomfort in the most affected regions.

Sports massage
Sports Massage is widely used to warm up and prepare the muscles before training and after training, because it relieves all tension and helps to remove lactic acid from the muscles, making muscle tissues stronger and more resistant. It leads to the reduction of edema and the stretching of contracted tendons and ligaments.

Energy massage
The energy massage is a mixture of three massages, namely the deep, sport and Tui-na. This joint aims to work the nerve function, increase body resistance, improve blood circulation, make joints more flexible, improve energy flow, cleanse and purify tissues and relieve all tension.

Types of Massage:

  • Deep massage - 35€
  • Relaxation massage - €30
  • Sports Massage - 40€
  • Energy massage- 45€

All massages last for 1 hour.

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