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6 Benefits of massage for physical and mental health

28 September 2023

6 Benefits of massage for physical and mental health
6 Benefits of massage for physical and mental health

People who have muscle pain, fatigue, poor posture, or recurrent actions like worry, anxiety, or stress are increasingly turning to massage. These are felt as a result of busy schedules,
workplace stress, or even personal problems.
Each type of massage has unique application methods that go beyond simple relaxation since they enable the detection of injuries to tendons, ligaments, and muscles.
However, depending on the symptom, some act more accurately, giving better results.
Consult a professional in the field to indicate the most appropriate treatment for each case.

The main advantages are listed below:

1- It stimulates blood flow
Massage helps to relax the muscles. When massaged, they improve pain, circulation, and blood distribution.

2- Prevents or reduces body pain
Frequent massages, complemented by yoga, lead to the release of hormones (melatonin,
endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine), which are responsible for various vital functions such assleep, appetite, joy, and happiness.

3 - Fights migraines, headaches, stress and anxiety
As previously mentioned, there are various types of massage specifically for each symptom.
The human body has key points that, when pressed, help to relieve bodily pain and balance emotions such as stress, anxiety, or sadness.

4- Improves sleep quality
By reducing stress and anxiety, it promotes muscle relaxation and stimulates the hormones
responsible for sleep, thus leading to a restful sleep.

5- Fights premature skin ageing
Promotes quick and efficient results in a variety of treatments, boosting the skin's general
appearance as well as the elasticity and firmness of the treated area locally.

6- Lowers blood pressure
Relaxing massage brings physical, cognitive, and emotional benefits and has been applied as a form of treatment to reduce blood pressure levels in hypertensive patients.