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7 Yoga Exercises to do in bed when you wake up

23 May 2023

7 Yoga Exercises to do in bed when you wake up
7 Yoga Exercises to do in bed when you wake up

Want to create a healthy morning routine, but the idea of waking up early to do yoga doesn't motivate you? Thus, the easiest way to introduce a daily yoga practice into your life is to do it first thing in the morning, before you even get out of bed!

Practicing Yoga in bed allows you to wake up slowly. Maintain a regular yoga practice, improving your overall health and well-being.

To have a stress-free day and to be at peace with yourself and the world around you, I recommend that you take time for yourself, even before you set foot on the ground.

Since the mattress is much more unsteady than the floor, it is not recommended that you do standing or balancing postures on the bed.

Yoga in bed can be practiced just before going to sleep or immediately upon waking up.

This morning practice in bed helps improve flexibility, strength, and circulation, which will help you sleep more peacefully and wake up more rested! A morning Yoga practice can also increase your energy and vitality, reducing overall stress.

Before doing these exercises remember that the bed is not the same as being in the floor, so if you feel uncomfortable in bed you can always use your yoga matt in the floor and enjoy these exercises. Respect your body and your limits.


1 -  Sit in bed in a comfortable posture, cross your legs, keep your back straight, relax your shoulders, place your hands in Shiva mudrá on your feet, and close your eyes. Concentrate on your inner self. Breathe in deeply 10 times, slowly expanding your diaphragm as the air enters your nose, and breathe out as thoughts arise and fade away.

Watch and focus on your breathing. It should be slow, deep, complete, and nasal.

After you finish the pránáyáma, set an intention for the day.

2 -  Start and finish the movement with your head tilted back. Bring your right ear to your shoulder, your chin to your chest, and your left ear to your shoulder, and tip your head back down the same side you came up. (2 times)

3 -  Raise your arms sideways, interlace your fingers, and move to your right side. Look up, open your chest to the sky, and relax your neck. Do the same on the other side (2 cycles, 5 breaths).

4 -  Sit with your legs together and stretched out in front of you. With your back straight, start by taking a deep breath in, raising your arms, and exhale by bringing your torso closer to your legs and at the same time lowering your arms, placing your hands on your feet or legs. Stay in the position and feel the stretch in your back. (1 cycle - 8 breaths)

5 -  With the legs crossed, the spine forms a small retroflexion, tilting the head back and placing the hands shoulder-width apart on the bed behind the body. (1 cycle - 5 breaths)

6 -  Still with your legs crossed, raise your arms sideways, lower your right arm, place your right hand on the mattress, and extend your left arm over your head. Open your chest to the sky, relax your neck, lower your right shoulder, and look up. Do the same on the other side. (2 cycle - 5 breaths)

7 -  With your legs stretched out on the bed, inhale while raising your arms, and gently on the exhale, twist your right leg over your left. The sole of your right foot should remain on the mattress, close to your left leg. Your left hand is on your right knee, and your other hand is on the bed behind you. Your shoulders remain straight. (5 breaths per cycle)

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