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Mantra Healing

5 July 2022

Mantra Healing
Mantra Healing

If you practice Yoga on a regular basis, you have most likely heard several mantras in class, which are usually recited mentally or aloud.

Mantra literally means "instrument of thought" and is related to vibrational waves, which can act on each of our bodies, so simply surround yourself with mantras and it will have a deep effect on your state of mind. Including mantras on your daily practice allows you to enter the same vibrational energy that they produce, opening your mind and heart to higher levels, as well as bring a better vision on worldly matters, regulate heart rate, improve brain waves, lower blood pressure, calm the mind, bring harmony to the heart, pacify emotions, and help us understand and accept who we are, and increase inner peace.

Every day, our brain is bombarded with sounds from the outside world which can be harmonious ones as music to aggressive ones like noise pollution. These make up a significant portion of the information we receive. Each sound causes reactions in the individual's body and mind; those from nature have a profound impact on the body, usually one of relaxation, peace, and well-being.

How do mantras benefit meditation?

Our mind tends to wander while meditating, so chanting mantras allows us to let go of external experiences and influences, bringing us into silence and allowing us to enter the inner space. Focus is vital, bringing us back to the present moment, so the mind is lighter, less burdened with repetitive thoughts and worries.

Chanting mantras is a way of making positive statements directed to oneself. This can be seen as a self-help technique, so you can create your own mantra. It is important to remember the meaning and intention of the mantra rather than simply repeating it mechanically.

To make your experience more enjoyable, I've included my Bliss playlist with my favorite mantras. They are simple to learn, but they are deeply transformative.