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Fibromyalgia: benefits of regular yoga practice

27 March 2022

Fibromyalgia: benefits of regular yoga practice
Fibromyalgia: benefits of regular yoga practice

Sleep disturbances, fatigue, non-refreshing sleep, body stiffness, psychological distress, stiffness and tenderness in joints, muscles, and tendons, anxiety and/or depression, and persistent pain and tenderness are all physical and psychological symptoms of chronic generalized fibromyalgia. These are intensified throughout the body, softening over time until they are only a distant memory.

How can Yoga help?

Several studies show that yoga can significantly help people with fibromyalgia, both physically and mentally. Physical exercises (ásanas), which are adaptable to any individual, promote the release of substances such as endorphins, which act as natural painkillers, providing a sense of relaxation and well-being. They improve posture, balance, and muscle relaxation, as well as physical strengthening and stretching.
Yoga should be practiced in a gentle manner that encourages relaxation, avoiding very demanding postures.
Breathing exercises (pránáyámas) are also important in the lives of these people, who frequently fail to breathe deeply and completely as a result of the stress and anxiety they unleash on a daily basis, only breathing superficially.
Slow breaths, long exhalations, and breath-holds have psychophysiological effects: they trigger the parasympathetic nervous system and deactivate the sympathetic nervous system, releasing stress hormones.
Yoga also includes the relaxation technique (yoganidrá), which has enormous potential because it works on the physical, mental, energetic, intellectual, and spiritual layers, aiming to stabilize blood pressure, treat insomnia, help purify and dissolve mental blocks, and harmonize the body and mind, resulting in a greater inner connection.

Maria’s life experience:
My name is Maria, and I am 60 years old. I decided to try Yoga classes to help with my health problem, fibromyalgia. It has helped me on a physical and psychological level. Fibromyalgia causes a lot of muscle tension in my arms and hips, so Yoga exercises allow me to stretch and relax my muscles in a deeper way while also relieving pain. In addition, Yoga helps me maintain my balance, which has become increasingly difficult as i';ve gotten older. On a psychological level, Yoga has helped me to calm my mind and improve concentration. It has also been a time for personal growth. I love practicing yoga, and I’m always looking forward to the days of the week when I have classes. I advise everyone
with the same problem to try it out. The exercises have to be adjusted to our physical condition, and the benefits are many. There is no age to start. Try it.

Maria José