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São Miguel Island - Places with a soul

6 October 2021

São Miguel Island - Places with a soul
São Miguel Island - Places with a soul

The island is the sea's navel. This island bathed by the waves makes people dive deeper into themselves and live their inner reality more, even though they dream of bridges of freedom. The smaller the island, the larger the feelings and the soul of things. As Daniel de Sá once said, "Leaving the island is the worst way to stay on it!" We value it more in its absence. 
I've listed a few must-see destinations below.

Lagoa das Sete Cidades 

The Sete Cidades volcanic center is located northwest of the island of São Miguel, in the town council of Ponta Delgada, and has been named one of the seven wonders of Portugal. A place that inspires legends and romantic novels, Lagoa das Sete Cidades is formed in the crater of a volcano and has two distinct colors: blue and green. The landscape is breathtaking and beyond description. Once seen, it is never forgotten, making it the perfect place for meditation and the search for inner peace.

Praia dos Mosteiros

At the western end of the island, Mosteiros Beach provides a privileged view of the four cliffs that are the hallmark of this town. A basalt-colored beach that is loved both by locals and visitors, it is the place of two streams that flow from the ridges. However, it is at sunset that the sounds fade away, and silence reigns under the smiles and calmness of the visitors, giving priority to observing the sky surrounded by different colors, giving way to a constant harmony. A symphony that invades and greets us. 

Lagoa do Congro

There are areas on the island that are off-limits to ordinary eyes and kept for those who see them through the eyes of their soul. One of them is Lagoa do Congro, whose distinct beauty draws you in and forces you to admire it. All its surroundings fascinate us. The air, sounds, light, scents, colors, and silence cause us to levitate. We are marked by a very special place that hangs on us and is difficult to leave because of the stillness and quiet it provides.

Terra Nostra Park

Immersed in mysticism, it's a must to spend a day at Terra Nostra Park to feel the atmosphere and seduction of the place. Admire nature's perfection from its viewpoints, listen to the parish bells and the birds' breathing, stroll through the gardens, get lost in the paths, and even dive into the iron waters for ultimate relaxation. You must grasp through the silence of these places to understand their immensity.

Ribeira Quente Beach

On the way, we smell the sea air, which warns us of the presence of warm, tepid waters caused by the area's undersea hot springs. Along the way, we come across waterfalls and trees that embrace us until we arrive. Allow yourself to be lulled by the gentle waves on Ribeira Quente's black sandy beach. People dawn in the sea, where they find happiness, because they reject any other reality. 

Salto do Prego waterfall

The Salto do Prego waterfall is a hidden spot in the lovely parish of Faial da Terra, with so much to offer. You walk along a small path and come across several houses along the way. The houses have a story and a soul, and they nearly speak to us, telling us about their experiences and keeping secrets until they are demolished or destroyed. When you arrive, you must pause, greet, feel, and appreciate the uniqueness of this location.