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Letting go: an inner journey

13 May 2021

Letting go: an inner journey
Letting go: an inner journey

There are moments in life when we feel stuck … to people, moments, ideas, thoughts, work …

But what is in fact holding us back? What keeps us stuck? Why do we keep stuck? What does not allow us to let life flow? What can we do to set ourselves free? To let go? How much do we keep with no need?! How many things remain just filling up space, for example objects and fears, limiting our journey?

So, let us start by looking inside ourselves, listening to our inner self that lives inside of us, learning how to listen to it and to let everything arise. Just as a pure observer. When we dive inside our inner self, we find good things and not so good things. We face ourselves with sorrows, childhood memories, traumas, mental cages (or confining beliefs) … but all that makes up part of us! All that shapes the amazing Being that we are!
However, there is always room and opportunity to evolve and to improve.

Now is the time to act! To change! It is time to let it go!
Let go everything that we no longer are. Let go everything that no longer makes sense to us. Let go the need to search for happiness outside when in fact it is right inside of us.
Let us start by silencing, listening, watching and choosing the path to follow.

But where to begin?

  • By understanding and recognizing the source of our inner unbalance.
  • By reviewing (and recognizing) the patterns. Giving a new meaning to our beliefs by demystifying and rebuilding them and by accepting that they are no longer useful to our existence and evolution. By allowing ourselves to be better every day and to make that a daily goal.
  • By making a list of the things we want to let go. Starting by the easier ones, the ones that we can work now up to the hardest ones, which will need more time to work and more inner self work.
  • By using all the tools, qualities and abilities that might help during this process like for example laughing, singing, shouting, jumping, meditating, dancing, crying, giving thanks …
  • By not setting deadlines, by not blaming ourselves, by not demanding too much of ourselves and of the others. Everything at its time, since the best path is the one that we do with the Soul.
  • During this process, we must cherish and love ourselves. Nutrition is essential. It is only possible this way.
  • By believing and not giving up! Even when we make wrong choices, because it is by making mistakes that we find the right path. Time makes everything right. It heals open wounds and gives sense to chaos.
  • By writing a new (better) story or a new chapter. Remember: thoughts and feelings create our life, so get rid of all restraining and negative thoughts.

“Even when everything seems to collapse, I am the one who has to decide between laughing or crying, staying or going, giving up or fighting; as I found out on the uncertain path of life that the most important thing is deciding.”
Cora Coralina