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Yoga Myths

12 August 2022

Yoga Myths
Yoga Myths

Yoga, an ancient practice dating back five millennia, has gained popularity in our daily lives. However, the more popular Yoga becomes, the more misunderstandings seem to arise around it. There is a variety of information about practicing Yoga, nevertheless, not all of it is accurate. This article aims to demystify some of the misconceptions related with this practice.

1. To practice Yoga one must be vegan or vegetarian

A vegan/vegetarian diet helps the Yoga trainee’s development; however, this food option must be something that comes naturally and not be imposed by others. Yoga meditation is not incompatible with one’s eating habits. Yoga means union, connecting the mind, body, and spirit – your essence. Take advantage of the journey and as you intensify your practice your body will tell you what type of food is better for your well-being.

2. Yoga is religion

Yoga is a way of life that begins with how we see the world, other people, and ourselves.
Much more than a way of thinking, it is a life philosophy a way of being. It is a path that helps us become more aware of and in tune with the spiritual dimension of life.

3. Yoga is for women

This is the most sexist Yoga myth. Many people think of it as a female-only activity. It is more difficult to have men practice Yoga and have a full experience of it. When they recognize and overcome this prejudice, they realize that yoga is for everyone, and that it is a matter of well-being rather than gender.

4. One must be flexible to practice Yoga

Yoga is not the same as gymnastics or acrobatics. Physically, the trainee must listen to his or her body respect its limits and understand its capabilities. As a result, many postures have adaptations and variations. The body will become more flexible over time. If you think you are not flexible today, imagine in a few years.

5. Overweight people cannot practice Yoga

Weight and overweight issues can difficult Yoga postures; however, they do not limit them. Yoga practice is different and unique for each one. Yoga was thought of something universal and inclusive for everyone. Teenagers and the elderly, athletes and the inactive, sick and well, fat and thin, tall and short. If you want to lose weight, it is best to combine Yoga with other forms of exercise such as walking and cycling.

6. Yoga is a practice for calm people only

Yoga is extremely beneficial to those who struggle with silence, peace, concentration, and breathing. Yoga is most popular among people who lead stressful and hectic lives. It becomes a haven. If you are one of those who is in urgent need to relax, feel less anxious and stressful, don’ t hesitate to try all the benefits that Yoga provides. If you don’t like it, try another kind of yoga.