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Why is SUP Yoga so exciting?

26 April 2022

Why is SUP Yoga so exciting?
Why is SUP Yoga so exciting?
Why is SUP Yoga so exciting?
Why is SUP Yoga so exciting?

SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddle + Yoga) is a combination of simple ásanas adjusted to the
student's abilities, practiced on a stable paddle board. With regular classes, the postures become more and more challenging throughout the practice.

No prior knowledge of yoga movements is required, but having already practiced standing up can make a difference. In any case, as with any physical activity, it is important to seek professional advice before beginning to practice.

This yoga training becomes a journey transporting us to magical places, from lakes to the sea itself, always sheltered and rocked by nature, far from the bustle of the city, in a break from the demands of everyday life where fresh air, wind, the sound of birds, the sound of water, or even silence, are authentic antidotes for the soul. Connecting with nature brings joy and harmony to life without a doubt; just observe this inwardly.

Can you imagine how magical it is to do Yoga in the middle of the Sete Cidades

The Sete Cidades Lagoon is one of the places that make us believe in a force greater than humans, because only this force would be able to generate a space as unique as Sete Cidades. Free of noise pollution and our mind and spirit free, this place touches our hearts, fills us with its fullness, and heals us to the soul. Each of us is asked to simply surrender to the moment, not to force anything, to allow everything to flow, and to let nature heal.

The island of São Miguel is magical and has been blessed for having a one-of-a-kind and intoxicating nature, since all its places are unique and tell stories that deserve your visit. We have all that it takes to have moments in our lives of connection with nature and the practice of SUP Yoga. You can feel its benefits, beginning with deep meditation in water, which helps regenerate energy, reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia, overcome fears, quieten the mind, and increase concentration, inner strength, and well-being.

The body will then be completely transformed. It strengthens and tones the body, increases flexibility, coordination, and endurance, and relieves tension by working all of the muscles involved in getting a good balance.

SUP Yoga is an excellent way to start the day with more balance or to connect with nature on a beautiful evening while challenging your body and mind. The sense of well-being gained after a SUP Yoga class is indescribable, so I invite you to try it and discover how it benefits us on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.