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Sexuality: how yoga can help

12 September 2021

 Sexuality: how yoga can help
Sexuality: how yoga can help

Work, housework, children, shopping, driving, and fatigue. Any of us can recognize ourselves in this regular, everyday life. Consequences: you don't have much sexual desire? You're not satisfied with your body? You don't feel confident? Many things might impact libido, including stress, low self-esteem, a lack of energy, and emotional barriers. Yoga can help you reconcile with your body and reclaim your femininity or manhood.

Yoga improves your state of mind

Sadness, anxiety, and stress drain your vital and sexual energy. Yoga helps you get rid of bad thoughts, organize your emotions, and reduce tension and anxiety. Physical and mental freedom help you manage certain insecurities that trap you. 

Yoga enhances pleasure

Moola bandha is a perineal contraction that stimulates the sensory-motor and autonomic nerve systems in the pelvis. It is thought that the moola bandha directly innervates the gonads and perineal body/cervix. As a result, the body reacts much more strongly to stimuli, intensifying sensations and increasing pleasure significantly.

Better breathing control

Yoga increases not only the quality of sex but also blood circulation and breathing. The body moves more smoothly, blood circulates more easily, and oxygen reaches all areas. As a result, the body reacts more strongly to stimuli. The aim is to balance the nervous system, which controls all the glands in the body. Sexual life depends on the balance of these glands. The greater the couple's body awareness, the greater the possibility of diversifying postures during sex.

Accepting your body 

Yoga is a journey of self-discovery that connects the body, mind, and spirit.
It encourages acceptance of one's own body and recognizes that differences are normal. As a result, the individual feels much more confident and safer in enjoying the moment without complexities, which are necessary for pleasure.

Improved circulation

Yoga poses stimulate and increase the circulation and oxygenation of the organs, tissues, muscles, and reproductive system. High sexual performance is dependent on high cardiovascular capacity, which can be improved by yoga poses. Good vascularization throughout the body, particularly in the genital areas, promotes desire and enhances sexual pleasure. 

Flexibility and muscular endurance

Specific postures for the hips and genitals can help you rediscover these parts of your body. Yoga also tones and develops the pelvic floor muscles, which raises awareness of the area. 

Increased connection with your partner

Couples who practice yoga increase their empathy and develop intimacy, respect, compassion, and affection for each other, both sexual and emotional. Regular yoga practice helps you cope more positively with everyday life. Calmer, they feel more attracted, increasing their desire to be together.

“Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to the body, mind and soul.”
Amit Ray