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Living in full happiness

24 November 2023

Living in full happiness
Living in full happiness

The burdens that our responsibilities make us carry and the problems we must solve in our daily lives encourage us to seek happiness. We battle to achieve what we feel we should have or to reach the conditions we want to be in. Many people think or act as if happiness came from possessions, as if they depended on outside events for their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being without ever looking inward or truly knowing themselves.

Many people aspire for dreams that aren't theirs because society defines what is right, where the important thing is having rather than being. People tend to become materialistic, viewing consumption as an act of happiness and well-being in which they identify themselves by what they have and not by who they really are. This causes us to consume more than we need, whether it be to establish our own identities, flaunt our socioeconomic standing, find serenity, or chase after unfulfilled happiness. As a result, we end up filling the void with meaningless items that can't satisfy our unhappiness.

Happiness and personal fulfilment have nothing to do with money or wealth. It comes from the inside out, and we'll never find it if the only way is the other way around. The more one depends on outside factors, the less long-lasting happiness one will experience.

But what is the source of true happiness?

Happiness is a state of mind rather than an objective. So, you must understand that it's not the place you get to, but the way you walk towards your purpose in life. Simple practices like meditation, elevated thinking, enriching life, self-knowledge, self-love, compassion, respect for oneself and others, promoting the little things in life, and being present and aware are ways to ensure this.

Enjoy your journey!