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Early morning yoga - an energizing sequence

10 July 2023

Early morning yoga - an energizing sequence
Early morning yoga - an energizing sequence

Every day we have the opportunity to start over, and that is wonderful. We need to be connected to ourselves. Not lose focus and to keep in mind where we want to go.

The way you start your day will affect all you do; therefore, practicing yoga thoughtfully in the
here and now should be the first thing you do before your mind is bombarded by day-to-day

Regular morning Yoga practice has been found to be an important ally for balancing the body
and mind. This practice promotes inner peace, which can help you cope with chaos at work or at home as well as set your mindset for success each day by becoming a more positive and healthier person.

We frequently operate on autopilot without being present in the actual moments.
Morning Yoga helps prepare the mind for the day before beginning the first daily tasks.

As a result, I challenge you to begin your day with an energizing sequence. Once you do that, your morning practice will be as important as any other appointment.


Stand with your feet together and hands in front of your chest in ajna mudrá. Let the weight be evenly distributed on both feet and look straight ahead.


With your feet together and your abdominal and gluteal muscles contracted, stretch your entire chest region by directing your chest toward the ceiling and your hands together up and back.

With your arms raised above your head and your palms facing each other, start by bringing your right foot behind you, keeping your front leg bent at a 90° angle and your back leg extended.
The left foot should be at a 45° angle.


Keep your arms extended above your head and your knees bent and together, as if you were
going to sit on a chair.
Lean your chest slightly forward and keep your pelvis tucked in, turning the coccyx down so as not to stress the arch of the lumbar. Extend the thorax.

Virabhadrasana III

Stretch your arms forward and actively press your right foot into the floor, extending your leg by lifting your left leg.
The raised arms, chest, hips, and legs should be parallel to the ground, and the head should be in line with the spine.

Adho Mukha Chatuspadásana

Put your hands on the floor at shoulder width and your feet at hip width.
Keep straight legs and firm thighs. Push your chest towards your thighs while pressing your
heels parallel to the floor.
Keep an active abdomen and a straight back. Look down at your knees.

Eka Pada Chatuspadasana

In Adho Mukha Chatuspadásana, raise your right leg. Point your toes toward the ceiling without lifting your hipbone.

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

Lower your hips, keep your hands below your shoulders, and keep your feet at hip width. Press your toes against the floor, stretch your legs, keep your tailbone in, and keep your shoulders back and down.


Standing with your feet together and your abdomen contracted, raise your hands to the ceiling,
keeping them up and back, stretching and opening your chest.


Place your feet together and your hands in front of your chest. Allow equal weight distribution on both feet.

Repeat the sequence a few times.