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Success at Work: The Power of Meditation

4 April 2024

Success at Work: The Power of Meditation
Success at Work: The Power of Meditation

Meditation is a simple process that involves being able to observe the mind instead of trying to control it. It's a practice of connecting with oneself, which helps to rest the mind and to distinguish feelings, beliefs, and thoughts, contributing to making better and more conscious choices throughout life.

In the professional environment, where there is a constant and intense consumption of information from various sources (sometimes all at the same time), meditation becomes more essential than ever. Meditation has numerous benefits when practiced regularly. Below, I present some of them.

Reduces Stress: Cortisol levels (a hormone related to stress) reach high peaks when the individual cannot resolve everything they need to. The role of meditation in this sphere is to provide a prolonged feeling of well-being, highlighting positive feelings.

Reduces Anxiety: It's necessary to stop and listen to our body's signals amid the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. In situations of increased anxiety, delivery deadlines, work problems, meditation helps reduce anxiety.

Enhancement of Creativity: By adopting a routine practice, the individual improves their mental clarity, experiences a sense of lightness, happiness, and peace with themselves and others, and faces fewer thoughts that cloud their creativity.

Improvement in Concentration: The abundance of external stimuli often distracts the person from their current work. Meditation helps the individual maintain their focus on tasks, executing them with excellence.

If you feel it's time to invest in yourself, I invite you to read the article: A Practical Guide to Starting Meditation. There, you will find all the necessary steps to begin this journey.